KBS 8114, Clear Diamond Finish, Aerosol

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KBS 8114, Clear Diamond Finish, Aerosol

The KBS 8114, Clear Diamond Finish, is an ultra durable, moisture cured clear top coat that is formulated to add Extreme durability, depth, and high gloss to any existing finish. Guaranteed never to yellow or crack. Clear Diamond Finish clearcoat can be used as a stand alone sealer for wood, concrete, porcelain, or on bare metals such as polished chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, etc...

Clear Diamond Finish Clearcoat, once cured is incredibly hard and tough like no other clearcoat you have used before. Clear Diamond Finish is Extremely Durable due to it's high solid contents but it will also remain permanently flexible to prevent easy chipping and scratching. Clear Diamond Finish clearcoat is specially formulated to be self-leveling and can be applied in 2 coats. 

Can be used to refinish bumpers, trim, chrome or aluminum covers, wheels, marine railings, hood ornaments, head light lenses, etc...

Salesman Note: Diamond Clear is probably the toughest, most durable clearcoat that I have seen in my 20 plus years in the coatings business. It can be used direct to aluminum, chrome, or plastic with just a simple cleaning step. 

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