Artool FH-SK9, Son of Skull Master, Airbrush Template Set

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Artool FH-SK9, Son of Skull Master Airbrush Template Set

The Artool FH-SK9, Son of Skull Master Airbrush Template Set is a 4 piece set that comes with each of the following airbrush templates:


  • Nite & Day - For all you Ying-Yang, sun and moon worshiping hippies out there, this skullmaster is for you. May all your Haight/Ashbury wishes, and peace march dreams come true. And of course for all you Jr. Anarchists out there, I threw in a flaming skull head so you wouldn't chuck this one. 
  • Devil or Angel - Well, what the heck else can I say? It's a virtual smorgasbord of skull goodies. Some with horns and some with halos, some with fire, and some with wings. These little devils work great as background effects in graphics, and like Nite and Day, are a must for any body-art, or temp-tattoo freaks out there. 
  • Bonz - This one is pretty much self-explanatory. It's a bunch of bones. We went to the streets and the common cry was for more bones. "Bones, bones, bones... and maybe a Martini carrying Skeleton thrown in for good measure!!!" Well, you asked for it, you got it! This is about the simplest of them all... just point your airbrush, pull the trigger, and bingo... a pile of skulls! 
  • Menagerie - For those of you that became thoroughly obsessed with the original 3 Skullmasters, there were a few suggestions for additions and improvements. Well, to prove that only about 80% of your requests fell on deaf ears, I went to work. After countless hours of watching T.V. and a few moments of inspiration, I came up with this! new goodies to work with the original set. Dice for eyes, head spikes, Maltese crosses, and devil horns, (and for the intellectuals), new positive teeth stenciling as well as anatomically correct open mouth and improved negative space elements for the frontal, and side profile skull. (Rough Translation: New stuff, make skulls better.) There, I did it. Now leave me alone.


Made from solvent proof mylar, this template can be used with water based and solvent based paints and cleaning products. It is easy to flex or curve around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it.



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