Kleanstrip EFS459, Peeler, Paint Remover

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Kleanstrip EFS459 Peeler Paint Remover

Kleanstrip Peeler Paint Remover is specifically formulated for use on vehicles experiencing delamination problems where top coat of paint is seperating from the original factory applied primer.  Peeler completely dries to the touch and removes paint in minutes. Simply spray the paint remover on and blow off with a high pressure air blow nozzle. No need for sanding, messing chemical strippers, or razor blades.

Instructions for Using Peeler:

  1. Shake well before using Peeler Paint Remover.
  2. Cover all painted surfaces not intended to be stripped to prevent paint remover from damaging the paint surface.
  3. Spray Peeler while holding can in an upright position pointing the arrow on the spray nozzle away from you at a distance of 8-12 inches from the surface. Use a back and forth motion and apply a light even coat.
  4. Allow Peeler to work for approximately 1-5 minutes or until the finish has had suffiecient time to blister or bubble.
  5. Blow paint and paint remover off the vehicle immediately by blowing off with shop air. (Residue can also be removed with a flexible plastic scraper.)
  6. Wash the area to be repainted with a good quality degreaser and prime or paint according to paint manufacturer's specification.

Salesman Note: This product also works excellent for cleaning dried paint and clear-coat off your spraygun.

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