KLN AR-322, Aircraft Paint Remover, 18 oz Aerosol

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Kleanstrip Aircraft Paint Remover

The Kleanstrip Aircraft Paint Remover is fast acting paint stripper designed for stripping most automotive and industrial paint finishes on all types of metal substrates. The convenient aerosol packaging make the the perfect paint remover for smaller panel repairs.  Aircraft paint stripper is heavy bodied and has excellent vertical cling that allows for a more controlled application.
Safety: For you protection use solvent resistant gloves, splash goggles, and adequate venilation.

Directions for Use of Aircraft Paint Remover:

  1. Mask off areas where paint stripper is not needed.
  2. Shake Aircraft Paint Remover well and begin spraying from a distance of 8-12 inches from the surface.
  3. Allow paint stripper to stand until the paint finish is blistered or softened completely (Usually 15-20 minutes). Some finishes may take more than one application.
  4.  When paint remover action is completed, remove paint with a flexible scraper.
  5. Once paint has been removed the area must be neutralized with either water or a solvent to remove residue.
  6. Prime metal with a corrosion, resistant bare metal primer to prevent flash rust from occurring.

Salesman Note: For stubborn paint finishes, apply the Aircraft Paint Remover and then drape over with an overspray plastic. This will prevent the paint stripper from drying out too quickly and allow the paint remover to work longer.

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