ATD 2076, 6 inch Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pad

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ATD 2076, 6" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pad

  • Shaft Size: 5/16" X 24 threads
  • Maximum Operating Speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Thickness: .625" 

The ATD 2076, 6" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pad is designed to replace any air powered dual action sander (DA Sander) pad. The ATD 2079 Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pad uses a velcro attachment system so you will only be able to attach velcro sandpaper. Made in China

Salesman Note: The ATD 2076 Sanding Disc Pad comes with a plastic washer on the threaded shaft, make sure when installing on your DA Sander that you leave the plastic washer on the shaft during installation. This is a heat dispersion washer that will prevent heat from the tool from transfering to the metal hub inside the backing plate thus preventing premature failure.

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