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Q-Bond QB3, Adhesive, Large Kit

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Q-Bond QB3 is an Ultra-Strong Adhesive Kit with Reinforcing Powders

Q-Bond is an adhesive and can be used for simple repairs or as a 2-part repair that utilizes a unique reinforcing powder that have filling capabilities to handle cracks, holes and gaps.  The Q-Bond formula is fast-setting; repairs are rock solid in 10 seconds!

  • Q-Bond repairs are robust and can be grinded, filed, tapped, sanded and painted!
  • Q-Bond repairs are resistant to shop fluids like oil, gas and battery acid.
  • Q-Bond repairs are heat resistant up to 356°F / 180°C

BLACK carbon powder is used for Hard Plastic, Motorcycle Fairings, Grills, Lugs, Clips and Tabs, Radiators, Distributor Caps, Bumpers and much more!

GREY aluminum powder can be used for Metal Surfaces, Motorcycle Engines, Aluminum, Office Equipment, Carburetors, and Wheel Caps. 

When you purchase the Q-Bond Adhesive Kit (QB3), you will receive:

  • Two (6) Bottles Q-Bond Adhesive (3.5oz/10ml)
  • One (2) Bottle Black Reinforcing Powder
  • One (1) Bottle Grey Reinforcing Powder

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