R&E Color Coats, Custom Matched Aerosol, Spraycan, 11 Ounce

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R&E Color Coats, Custom Matched Aerosol, Spraycan, 11 Ounce

R & E Color Coats Aerosols are a Custom Made Spraycan tailored for all types of automotive touch-ups and small repairs. Each R & E Color Coats Aerosol comes standard with a "soft touch" fan pattern spray nozzle which will provide you with a professional looking finish every time. All R & E Color Coat Aerosols are preloaded with the correct color basecoat finish that corresponds with your manufacturer's code. Order yours today and save on those costly touch-up repairs.


R & E Color Coats Aerosols Feature:

  • One can is generally enough to cover the fender of a small car or more depending on the color.
  • Fan Spray Pattern
  • Soft Touch Fan Spray Nozzle (Can be rotated to spray vertical or horizontal)
  • 2-4 Year Average Shelf Life



Salesman Notes: R & E Color Coats are made with Base-Coat type paint. A Clear-Coat will be required for a High Gloss finish and Exterior Durability. For Maximum Durability use SprayMax 3680061, 2K Urethane Aerosol Clear Coat.


Reviewed by Chan S, 09/14/2020

My 2nd time ordering and both times paint quality is amazing. I used it for my rear spoiler and top pillars on my car that were fading. Really satisfied and also because you can’t really get custom aerosol paint like this. .Also Recently before ordering I had forgot what this was labeled “custom aerosol “ so I had called them to ask how I get the custom paint and the nice lady on the phone knew exactly what I wanted and was super helpful, great customer service and overall would order again.

Reviewed by MICAEL B, 11/17/2019

Ordering colors based on codes is very easy, and they get it right. Lays down nicely without splatter, except for when the can is exhausted. 2K clear has no problem with it. The epoxy primer has good bonding but not necessary if surface is prepped.

No BS ordering and comparable prices to local paint shops makes R&E my go-to choice.

Reviewed by Michael R, 06/21/2019

I used this paint to re-paint a factory painted grille on my 2019 Ranger in Lightning Blue (N6). Prepped it, primer sealer, paint, and used the 2K clear coat. The color is a perfect match !!! Even if it was off a little, this color hides it very well. I have used R&E's paints and clear coats at least 3 other times and as long as you prep it right and use good techniques, it will be hard to tell the difference between yours and the factory finish ! LOVE this product !!!
PS: R&E----It's Lightning Blue, not "Blue Lightning" as it says on your can :-)

Reviewed by Norman B, 06/08/2019

Awesome product. It flows well. The wide nozzle did not work well (splattered every time I tried one on 3 different cabs) but the narrow worked fine. A perfect color match and it looks like I paid a body shop a lot to do it. The 2k clear really made it pop. Easy to apply and the metallics mixed well. No color deviation or striping.

Reviewed by Rich C, 10/23/2018

I have a 2001 Toyota RAV4 with two-tone paint - Body color 1D4, Titanium Metallic and Toyota #196 Gray Pearl for the "cladding" trim and bumpers. The 196 is hard to find in rattle cans, but R&E had it in their custom color pallet in spray cans. It matches perfectly, goes on well and with the MAX 2K Clear Coat it will only take a light polish to buff up with an amazing shine. My Bumper looks great!

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