POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit

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POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit

Protects bumpers, wheels, trim, & other bright metals with the toughest clear-coat available!

  • Formerly known as: Glisten PC

 POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit is a rock hard, high gloss, crystal clear topcoat that was designed specially for use in difficult applications. It bonds to polished chrome, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel like no other product that you have ever tried. It's also fantastic over existing paint, even very glossy surfaces.

Spray it or brush it! It will not leave brush marks, and air dries in less than 1 hour (overall cure may take a couple of days). Once it is fully cured, it will not crack, chip, or yellow while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit  utilizes a high solid, moisture-curing urethane technology, setting new performance standards in adhesion, corrosion protection, flexibility, and UV stability. It grows stronger by exposure to moisture, and tensile strength is usually 2 to 3 times that of most other clearcoats on the market. It is also comes available in semi-gloss.

POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit is a great defense against graffiti. Just use a solvent soaked rag to wipe off graffiti without damaging the clear coat. It is also fantastic at protecting existing finishes against corrosive materials, impact, and weathering. It is unaffected by most common chemicals including salt, acids, alkali, and even fertilizer.

 POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit  Applications:

  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Chrome Bumpers
  • Lights
  • Grilles
  • Handles
  • Ornaments
  • Marine Railings
  • Chrome & Aluminum Covers

AP-120 Metal Prep - is the Key to POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit Performance. Achieve the ultimate clearcoat finish on polished metal, using our AP-120 metal prep. Specially formulated to be used with POR-15 43504, 2K Urethane Gloss Clear Kit for the proper preparation of alloys and brass.

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