SEM 39141, Original Trim Black,Gallon

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SEM 39141, Original Trim Black,Gallon

  • Gallon Can
  • Satin Gloss Level
  • Matches factory finish on many automotive exterior trim components.
  • No primer needed for adhesion.

SEM Trim Paint Surface Preparation:  

Wash the part thoroughly with 39362 SEM Soap. Clean with good quality Grease and Wax remover such as SEM PN# 38373. Sand with 400 grit sandpaper and reclean with G&W remover. Mask off all areas not to be coated to protect from overspray. Apply light mist coats evenly allowing 5-10 minutes between coats. Several thin coats are better than 1 heavy coat.


Salesman Note: Don't rush to install the part. Trim Paint adhesion improves with time. Full hardness and maximum adhesion should be obtained in about 48 hours.

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