SEM Bumper Repair Procedure

How to Repair and Paint a Plastic Bumper Cover in 9 Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Clean & Prep:

Step 2 - Sand & Groove:

  • Sand the repair area using 80 grit.
  • Using 36 grit on a die grinder "V" out the punctured area. Note: Use low RPM's to grind away the plastic, if the speed is too fast the plastic will have a tendency to melt.
  • Note: Air sanders and die grinders makes the job very easy but are not mandatory. 

Step 3 - Reinforce & Fill:

Step 4 - Sand & Skim Coat:

  • Sand the repair material with 80 grit to remove the top layer then switch to 180 grit to refine the scratch and level out the material. 
  • If needed skim coat with SEM 40482, Bumper Bite Flexible Glaze, then sand with 180 grit and finish with 320 grit.

Step 5 - Prep & Prime:

  • Reclean using SEM 38353 Plastic & Leather Prep using a clean, lint free towel.
  • Spray 3 coats of SEM 39133 Flexible Primer Surfacer allowing 10-15 minutes between each coat.

Step 6 - Apply Guide Coat:

Step 7 - Finish Sand:

  • Sand the surface using 400 grit then finish sand with 600 grit to refine the scratch prior to painting.

Step 8 - Texturize (Optional Step):

  • If texture is needed to match the repair, apply SEM 39853, Texture Coating in light coats allowing 3-5 minutes between each coat. (Note: Texture coarseness can be changed by varying the spray distance from the surface.)

Step 9 - Paint:

  • Apply SEM Bumper Coater Aerosol Paint in 3 light coats allowing 5 - 10 minutes dry time between each coat.
  • If full gloss is required you can use SEM Factory Pack or a standard basecoat / clearcoat system.
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