SEM ML010, Metalock DTM Primer Kit

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SEM ML010, Metalock DTM Primer Kit

Kit Includes:
  • 1 Gallon Metalock DTM Primer
  • 1 Quart Metalock Hardener

SEM ML010 Metalock is an epoxy based primer that is designed to go direct to aluminum, steel, SMC and traditional fiberglass with proper surface preparation (sanded and properly cleaned). Metalock D-T-M Primer utilizes the latest technology to ensure outstanding corrosion protection, superior adhesion, and optimum sand-ability which creates a solid and dependable foundation for any project or job. 

Salesman Note: Metalock DTM Primer is a fantastic Direct to Metal Primer, Surfacer, and Sealer all wrapped into one product.
What's the benefit you ask?
Imagine, that you're working on an old Hot Rod Car and you've stripped all the original finish. Now you have bare metal that needs to be primed before it rusts. Before Metalock DTM Primer, you would have had to buy a gallon of Epoxy Primer and Catalyst to coat the bare metal at a cost of a minimum of $180.00 per gallon kit. This will coat your bare metal but you will still need a sandable primer for straightening minor dings, dents, and scratches. This will cost you a minimum of $145.00 for a decent quality product. But you'll also need a Primer Sealer for the final coat before you apply your paint. This will cost you about $170.00 per gallon.
Now total all those up for a cost of $400.00 for Just Primer!! That's Crazy!! 
Why spend that kind of money when you can buy SEM Metalock DTM Primer, Surfacer, and Sealer at a third the cost or less and get an extremely durable 3 in 1 product all from one can!! Order yours today and save loads of time and money!

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