SprayMax 3680212, 2K Urethane Hot Rod Satin Black Paint, Aerosol

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SprayMax 3680212, 2K Urethane Hot Rod Satin Black Paint, Aerosol

After much anticipation, It's now here! The 2K Urethane Hot Rod Satin Black Paint by SprayMax. The unique Spray Max valve and nozzle technology yields a much higher output while producing a broader and more consistent spray pattern. The results are consistent with a professional quality spray gun without the compressor and cleanup. 

Salesman Notes: Great product for quickly repairing or coating small parts such as wiper arms, grille shells, headlight buckets, chassis parts, motor brackets, or exterior trim. This satin black aerosol paint gives the factory original trim look while providing maximum durability. When coating bare metal it is recommended to use a primer that is suitable for bare metal such as the SprayMax 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer.


Reviewed by Rick , 09/14/2015

Great Product. Gary Kinsey is a great resource too.

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Question: Can this Hot Rod Black be sanded and buffed?

Answer: No, If you have imperfections in the finish after spraying you will need to sand out the blemish and respray the satin black.

Question: Does Hot Rod Satin Black work on wood surfaces?

Answer: Yes, it works very well on wood surfaces. However, usually you will want to apply extra coats because wood tends to absorb more paint than a metal surface will. My recommendation is to apply 2 coats, allow it to fully cure (24-36 hrs), then sand flat with 400 grit and reapply 2 coats.

Question: Can I use SprayMax Hot Rod Satin Black over a previously painted surface?

Answer: Depends, Hot Rod Black is generally very forgiving with what it is applied over. However, I would highly recommend a test panel prior to spraying over your whole project. I recommended to sand your area with 400 grit sand paper prior to applying the black.

Question: Is this SprayMax Hot Rod Satin Black gas proof?

Answer: Yes and No, SprayMax Hot Rod Black is not gas proof but it is chemical resistant. For instance, you would not want to lay a gas soaked towel on the matte black surface and expect it to hold up, but it is resistant enough to repel intermittent gas exposure such as occassional spillage around the gas fill area.

Question: Can SprayMax Hot Rod Satin Black be used direct to metal surfaces?

Answer: Spray Max Hot Rod Black aerosol paint is not designed  to be applied direct to metal. You will need to apply a suitable bare metal primer prior to applying paint. I suggest using SprayMax 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer. Using this method will give you excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Question: I have some plastic fairings to paint, what do I need to do to prep the surface before applying Spray Max Black?

Answer: It is recommended that you clean the surface using soap and hot water allow the surface to dry. Next wipe with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol very liberally. Then apply a Plastic Adhesion Promoter. 

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