WA160E, Mary Kay Pearl, 3ct

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Size: 2 - 11 oz Aerosol Cans
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WA160E, Mary Kay Pearl, 3ct, Aerosol Paints

  • 3ct is a Tri-Coat Application and Requires: 2 Different Aerosol Cans to achieve the color. (1 - 11oz can of Base-Coat Color and 1 - 11oz can of Mid-Coat Color)
  • Each can comes standard with 2 nozzles (1 Fan Pattern Spray Nozzle and 1 Round Pattern Fine Atomizing Nozzle)

Each WA160E, Mary Kay Pearl, 3ct aerosol paints are custom built when you place your order and are made with the same high quality Base-Coat type paint that the OEM uses.

Salesman Note: A Clear-Coat is Required for the correct gloss, sheen, and Exterior Durability. It is Highly Recommended that you use one of the following clear-coats for ultra U.V. durability and gasoline resistance:

If you have exposed bare metal a suitable bare metal primer will be required prior to applying the color coat. It is highly recommended that you use SprayMax Epoxy Primer. Allow to dry for a minimum of 2 hours before applying sandable primer (if required) or the color coat.

If you have exposed body filler or minor imperfections such as scratches, scrapes, and scuff marks, use SprayMax 3680031 Rapid Primer Filler for a sandable surface. Once cured over night, wet or dry sand the surface using 600-800 grit before applying the color coat.

Apply the base color coat in light to medium wet coats allowing 10-15 minutes dry time between each coat. 2-4 coats is recommended or until complete color coverage is acheived. Next apply the mid-coat color in light to medium coats allowing 10-15 minutes dry time between each coat until the color match is achieved. Allow the final coat to dry for a minimum of 1 hour before applying clear coat.

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