U-POL 0791, High #5 Grey Primer Filler, Aerosol

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U-POL High #5 Grey Primer Filler, Aerosol

High #5 Primer Filler is a 1K ready to use high build primer filler in an aerosol. It is used for priming uneven surfaces before top coating. High #5 is capable of producing a coating of a film thickness similar to that of a spray gun applied primer. The convenience of using a high build primer filler in an aerosol means that masking is kept to a minimum. Mixing paint and cleaning spray equipment are avoided as a result of using High #5 primer filler leading to savings in time and materials. High #5 primer filler is chromate free and easy to sand.

HIGH #5 Primer Filler can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • Fully cured paint and primer.

  • Polyester body filler and G.R.P.

  • Properly prepared steel panels.

Directions for using High #5 Primer Filler Aerosol

  1. Thoroughly clean and degrease surface to have primer with a good quality grease and wax remover.

  2. Sand primer wet or dry with 280-320 abrasive, re-clean, dry and degrease.

  3. Apply 1-2 light even coats allowing 5-10 minutes flash time between coats.

  4. Allow final coat of primer filler to cure before sanding out imperfections with 600-800 grit sand paper.

  5. High #5 Primer Filler is compatible with most all paint systems.


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