How To: Custom Aerosol Application Tips

Custom Aerosol Application Tips

R & E Custom Aerosols are pre-loaded with the color of your choice in 1K Urethane Basecoat and will require a Clear-Coat for correct gloss and exterior durability. 

Test Spray to verify color:
Spray color and clear coat on provided spray-out card to test color match before spraying project.
Surface Prep Surface Prep:
Wash thoroughly with soap and hot water. Clean using  SprayMax 3680094 Wax & Grease Remover or equivalent.
Prep Sanding Sand using 400-600 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Re-clean using SprayMax 3680094 Wax & Grease Remover or equivalent.
Shake Aerosol Shake can for at least 1 minute after the can begins to rattle. Continue to shake occasionally during spray application.
Aerosol Spray Hold Custom Aerosol approximately 6-8 inches from surface being sprayed. Apply 2-3 coats or until color coverage is achieved. (Note: Some colors may require more coats than others to achieve proper coverage.)
Overlap Slightly overlap each pass for uniform coverage. (Note: When spraying metallic colors it may be a good idea to use a flashlight or some other bright light to check for coverage and uniformity.)
Timer Allow 5-10 minutes dry time between each coat before spraying the next coat. After color coverage is achieved allow the last coat to dry a minimum of 1 hour but not longer than 16 hours before applying Clear-Coat.
Timer Clean-Up: After each use, invert the aerosol can and spray for approximately 4 seconds to clear and purge the valve. If the nozzle becomes clogged, pull off and clean with solvent. DO NOT stick pins or wire into the valve opening.

3 Steps for Tri-Coat Color Applications:

  1. To achieve an optimum color match, spray 3 test panels with the base-coat color until complete color coverage is achieved. Next spray 1 test panel with 1 coat of the mid-coat color, the 2nd panel with 2 coats of the mid-coat color, and the 3rd panel with 3 coats of the mid-coat color.
  2. Clear-Coat all 3 test panels and check the color match from various angles to assess which panel matches the best.
  3. Once the match is found duplicate the same technique on your vehicle that coordinates with the test panel that best matches your vehicle.

Additional Tip: Avoid spraying projects horizontally. This could cause paint to drip from the nozzle onto the surface. Try to lay items elevated on one side at about a 30° angle to prevent this.

Clear-Coat is required for all R & E Custom Aerosol Spraycans to achieve the correct gloss and exterior durability. We highly recommend using one of the following clear-coats for optimum durability and the correct gloss level:

SprayMax 3680061, 2K Glamour Urethane Clear-Coat

SprayMax 3680065, 2K Matte Urethane Clear-Coat

SprayMax 3680067, 2K Satin Urethane Clear-Coat

Car Rep 2K Pro High Gloss Clear Coat

11th Mar 2022 Gary Kinsey

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