KBS 8404, Clear Diamond Finish, Quart

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KBS 8404, Clear Diamond Finish Clearcoat

  • Quart
  • No Activator Required means no measuring and no mixing.
  • Moisture Cured Urethane

The KBS 8404, Clear Diamond Finish is a durable, moisture cured clear top coat that is formulated to add Extreme durability, depth, and high gloss to any existing finish. Guaranteed never to yellow or crack. Clear Diamond Finish clearcoat can be used as a stand alone sealer for wood, concrete, porcelain, or on bare metals such as polished chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, etc...

Clear Diamond Finish Clearcoat, once cured is incredibly hard and tough like no other clearcoat you have used before. Clear Diamond Finish is Extremely Durable due to it's high solid contents but it will also remain permanently flexible to prevent easy chipping and scratching. Clear Diamond Finish clearcoat is specially formulated to be self-leveling and can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray gun. 

Can be used to refinish bumpers, trim, chrome or aluminum covers, wheels, marine railings, hood ornaments, head light lenses, etc...

Salesman Note: Thinning is not normally necessary when applied with a 1.4 mm tip spraygun. However, should you need to thin Diamond Finish Clearcoat it must be thinned useing only KBS Thinner at a rate of 30% or less.

Reviewed by Tyler Y, 04/22/2016

I bought this Diamond Clear about 2 months ago as a recommendation from the salesman (Gary) at R & E. I used it on my son's baseball helmet. First I did some airbrush work then sprayed a coat of pearl over everything followed by the Diamond Clear. I let it cure for about 2 weeks before his first game. Let me tell you, this stuff is extremely impressive! VERY TOUGH! Normally, after the first few games I can see scratch marks and chips with the standard urethane I mix hardener with. Diamond Clear has held up and still looks Great!

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Question: Can Diamond Clear be used over previously painted surfaces? 

Answer: Yes, KBS Diamond Finish Clearcoat can be applied over paint finishes that are fully cured such as lacquer, enamel, and urethane. It is recommended that prior to application you clean the surface using KBS Klean.

Question: I have an old fiberglass bass boat that has a gelcoat in gunmetal flake that's faded out, can I use diamond clear to gloss it back up?

Answer: Yes, Diamond Finish Clear can be used over gelcoat. The recommendation is to first clean with KBS Klean, then wet sand the area with 1000 grit, reclean with KBS Klean. Once the surface has been rinsed and dried it is recommended that you apply 3 coats for marine applications.

Question: Can the diamond clear be wet sanded and buffed after application?

Answer: Yes, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours after application then use 1500 grit sandpaper or finer to wet sand the clear. For buffing use a rubbing compound with wool compounding pad to remove the sand scratches and a finishing polish with a foam finishing pad to remove the swirl marks. 

Question: Can Diamond Clearcoat be used over KBS RustSeal?

Answer: No, RustSeal is not formulated with U.V. Stability. Even though Diamond Finish Clearcoat has excellent u.v. resistance, it is clear and will not block u.v. from getting through to the RustSeal and this over time will cause RustSeal to degrade and eventually Diamond Finish Clearcoat will peel off. We recommend using a paint finish that is u.v. stable before applying Diamond Clear for long term last.

Question: I am in the process of restoring a 1951 Chevy Pickup and my son-in-law has some stained cherry wood planks for the bed that I am wanting to protect the best way possible. Will KBS Diamond Clear work for this application?

Answer: Yes, Diamond Finish Clearcoat will be the perfect choice for this application. Make sure the stained wood has completely dried (Test an area first to be sure). Apply 1 full coat of clear allow to dry 24 hours. The clear will raise the grain of the wood just a bit so this first coat we are using as a sanding sealer. Sand with 320 grit dry then reapply 2 full wet coats of clear. This should give you outstanding gloss and durability. (Note: For full weather protection coat the wood on both the exposed side and the underside as well as the ends.)

Question: Can this clear be used over Hydrographics?

Answer: It certainly can. Just be sure everything is completely dry. KBS Diamond Clear would be an excellent choice for high impact projects such as sports helmets, ball bats, bike helmets, skateboards, surf boards, firearms, etc...

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