Klean-Strip EBDP133, Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus

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Klean-Strip EBDP133, Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus

  • Size: 15 oz Aerosol 
  • Color: Light Gray

Klean-Strip EBDP133, Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus is specially formulated to promote adhesion exclusively for polyolefin plastic without the need of applying a primer/sealer. Bulldog Adhesion Promoter works well  on pre-painted metal, plastic, and aluminum. 

Directions for using Klean-Strip EBDP133, Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus:

For best results apply Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus at a temperature above 60° F while avoiding direct sunlight and strong breezes. 

Surface Preparation:

First clean areas to be repaired with Klean-Strip PrepAll Wax & Grease Remover.  Then, thoroughly clean with Bulldog Abrasive Prep and Clean. Rinse completely with water and let the part dry. When repairing peeling painted surfaces, all peeling or loose paint must be removed. To blend repaired areas with the original paint, sand the surface and the surrounding paint with 400 grit wet sandpaper until a smooth surface is acheived. If the paint chips while sanding, it may be necessary to strip and repaint the entire part. 

How to apply Klean-Strip EBDP133, Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Plus:

Use a clean tack cloth to tack dry the surface thoughly. Shake Bulldog Adhesion Promoter gently for at least one minute to secure a uniform mixture. This adhesion promoter will look hazy, but will dry clear. Spray a medium coat using steady, even strokes on the surface about 10-12 inches from repair area. Wait 3 to 5 minutes and then apply a second coat. Avoid heavy coats of Bulldog Adhesion Promoter to avoid runs. If Bulldog runs, wipe down with lacquer thinner and reapply as directed. When doing spot repairs, apply Bulldog to the surrounding blend-out areas. Any solvent base automotive paint should be compatible with Bulldog and can be applied after about 20 minutes up to about 16 hours. After 16 hours another coat is recommended.

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    User friendly ordering process and fast delivery

    The BULLDOG Adhesion Promotor Plus is an above average product, beautiful spray pattern !

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