Sanding Prep Kit

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Basic Prep Kit includes:

  • (1) Gray Scuff Pad (Color Prep Scuff Sanding)
    Used for prepping prior to spraying color on metal and plastic parts. 
  • (1) Maroon Scuff Pad (Primer Prep Scuff Sanding)
    Used for prepping prior to spraying primer on metal parts.
  • (2) Sheets of P1500 Sandpaper
    Used for removing defects from clear-coat prior to polishing. (Soak 15 minutes in water prior to use.)
  • (1) Sheet of P1000 Sandpaper
    Used to prep blend areas and prepare existing clear-coat for new clear-coat to adhere.
    (Soak 15 minutes in water prior to use.)
  • (1) Foam Sanding Block 
    Use with P1000 and P1500 sandpaper.
  • (2) Lint Free Towels
    Used with wax and grease remover to wipe down surface prior to primer and paint.
  • (1) Tack Rag
    Used to tack the surface prior to applying paint and clear-coat
  • (1) Orange 120-220 Grit Sanding Sponge
    Used to prep the existing paint/metal surface prior to applying body filler or can also be used to level out high spots in body filler.
  • (1) Yellow 220-400 Grit Sanding Sponge
    Used in first step sanding of the primer to remove defects.
  • (1) Green 400-600 Grit Sanding Sponge
    Used in final sanding primer prior to applying paint.
  • (1) Blue 600-1000 Grit Sanding Sponge
    Used for prepping blend areas and sanding plastic parts such as bumpers, cladding and trim.

The Basic Prep Kit is your go-to for your sanding needs! Sanding is an essential first step in the restoration or repair process, and can sometimes be tedious if you are missing certain items. With a variety of products included in this kit, you have everything you need to prep for the start your project. This kit is very user-friendly, and a good option for beginners who may not have a collection of products at their disposal. Each kit also comes with an educational flyer explaining what each item does for quick reference while working on your project.

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