3D 935CC, Ceramic Coating Kit

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3D 935CC

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3D 935CC, Ceramic Coating Kit


  • 1 - 3D Block
  • 2 - 3D Suede Applicator
  • 1 - 30mL bottle Ceramic Coating

The 3D 935CC, Ceramic Coating Kit provides scratch resistance, chemical durability, and unsurpassed gloss unlike any wax or sealant on the market today. 3D Ceramic Coating leaves behind a 9H hard top coat that is more durable than factory clear coats on vehicles today creating unsurpassed protection by utilizing nano-particles to fill the smallest pores, crevices and minor scratches on your vehicle's clear coat. One of the best benefits of Ceramic Coating is the ease of maintenance. Since 3D 935CC, Ceramic leaves behind a hydrophobic surface it will be almost self-cleaning. To clean simply rinse with a high-pressure water hose nozzle. Water easily removes dirt and other contaminants from the surface with minimal effort.

Salesman Notes: 3D 935CC Ceramic Coating Kit can be used for more than just automotive use. Use in your home on stainless sinks, ceramic tile, shower doors, faucets, shower heads, to eliminate hard water spotting, calcium deposits, soap scum, etc.

Prior to Application of 3D 935CC Ceramic Coating Kit:

For newer vehicles with no paint surface defects, wash the vehicle with a good quality car wash soap such as 3D 2021, Super Soap or equivalent. Allow to dry thouroughly and then wipe the surface liberally with denatured or isopropyl alcohol using a microfiber towel and drying with a second microfiber towel.

For vehicles with paint surface defects, use a compound such as 3D 400, 3D One, detailing clay, or other paint correction tools. Once completed, wipe the surface liberally with denatured or isopropyl alcohol using a microfiber towel and drying with a second microfiber towel.

How to Apply 3D 935CC Ceramic Coating Kit:

Wrap the 3D Suede Applicator around the 3D Block and apply enough coating to cover the flat surface of the suede applicatior. Working in 2ft x 2ft sections using a cross hatch motion (side to side / up and down strokes), spread the coating evenly. Wait 30 seconds and then buff the ceramic coating off with a clean microfiber towel. If the surface feels oily, wait a few more seconds but no longer than a minute and buff again. For more protection, wait 30-45 minutes after the first application and apply a second coat following the same steps. To ensure proper curing, do not wash the surface for 72 hours after finishing the applicationand for best results, wait up to 5 days.

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